TWICEDOT Pre-launch Party Featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner is SOLD OUT!
Beverly Hills Country Club Gives A Round Of Golf Plus Tennis Lessons To Attendees. Event Helped The Homeless.

Former President George W. Bush Undergoes Heart Surgery


Former President George W. Bush underwent a heart surgery procedure to fix what doctors described as a blocked artery. Doctors discovered problem during a routine yearly exam. Doctors stated they may keep him overnight for observation after the surgery; Then release him to go home.

Deon Edwards gives powerful story about WHY he created online newspaper TWICEDOT. He gives personal details from his life, the sprouting seeds to purpose, vision and determination. Reveals All. 

Cube Satellites Pave Galaxy Road

Cube satellites are miniaturized satellites that can be released in groups into space for space research and controlling activity on Earth and surrounding areas. Colleges began partnering to develop Cube Sat projects as early as 1999 for space science exploration.

Today for the price of $250.00 per week you can control your own mini-satellite or Cube Sat worth of in space. Good things are happening with these mini-mega-computers due to rapid prototyping. 

Distributing them into space requires sending them up in a rocket to the international space station. A network of the cubes comprises astronomical ability for data collection and real-time delivery to help with everyday functions like automatic devices to make your easier.

Immediate questions come to mind regarding these networks of mini-cube satellites? What other information are they collecting? Who is the information going to? Can they be used for everyday items like pacemakers, traffic lights? If so how fast can we get cars off the ground and fly through the air without using fossil fuel? 

Should government ensure energy and control of the devices belong to the public or government to keep greedy corporations from slowing tech abilities for travel because they want world citizens to rely on fossil fuel? How can we make sure children from all backgrounds are given immediate access to training for design for control applications? After all, a child already designed an automatic cat feeder using benefits from a Cube Sat.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: An Intimate Night of Spoken Word and Dinner

Beverly Hills Country Club served as pilgrimage destination for the affluent, grown and sexy ladies, celebrities, athletes and high net executives on Saturday, July 27, 2013. Ladies traveled from stars and galaxies away to lay their eyes, ears and hopefully lay their hands on the universe’s poetic gift to a romance hungry population, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. And fulfill their desires, yes he did.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner passionately explained to the sold out crowd how he loves his woman. Malcolm described how he could ruin any young lady’s heart mind and innocence with a word. Although most women in the audience envisioned themselves volunteering to be ruined; Lining up complete with holding the church fan, waiting for the chance to say they’ve been healed…. or was that ruined? 

Emmy nominated actor director, syndicated star, all American television dream of perfect son, father and friend Malcolm-Jamal Warner carefully, methodically walked a sophisticated line poetically instructing the audience on how to picture him in their mind as a bad boy doing naughty things without him ever having to trade in his Good Guy jersey. Now that’s talent!


Malcolm was so generous and sharing. He arrived in perfect time to grace the red carpet. Mutually respected soap opera, big screen, athletes and politicians lined up to have a hug and a photo. People just wanted to express to Malcolm how much they’ve enjoyed seeing the wonderful person he’s become.

One might forget this evening’s event was created to increase awareness and overall outreach performance for Fred Jordan Missions, a charity that’s been helping the homeless since 1944. The only performance on the captivated minds of the audience was Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s. He gave them everything they wanted plus more.


This was a very classy engagement. The Beverly Hills Country Club had a private screening of Hotel Transylvania playing in their famous Griffin Room for children while the adults were entertained with spoken word in the main dining plus wrap around patio and balcony area. Guests were pampered with a wonderful three course dinner with their selection of seafood, chicken or vegetarian dish. The hospitality was golden.

To attract greater financial participation from the community in effort to assist TWICEDOT in helping the homeless, the Beverly Hills Country Club gave each guest a choice of one service. This selection of services included a tennis lesson, massage, Sunday brunch, kids activities and a round of golf at Calabasas Country Club, their sister location. Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard the news.

DAMA Tequila sponsored complimentary margaritas throughout the entire engagement. Lots of celebrities mentioned how smooth the luxury tequila brand tastes. Malcolm even requested an extra glass or two from the stage. 

Thank You Plan gave gift certificates to each guest granting them a ninety minute complimentary consultation on financial planning. With so many wonderful high net worth people attending the event engaging each other over dinner, drinks and poetry, Thank You Plan may have their hands full. executive produced the event as their Pre-launch Party. Keeping in tune with their goal to give people living proof a good happy life and success are tangible TWICEDOT asked Malcolm-Jamal Warner to headline the show. When Malcolm heard a portion of proceeds were going to the homeless he volunteered his time and talent. Comedian Stevie Mack came on board to host the engagement and also volunteered. Other performers included superstar Princess of Comedy Leroya Sanford, Heather Parker and THE ORACLE Denise Lyles-Cook.


World famous pencil artist Clarence Pencilman Pointer drew a portrait of Malcolm-Jamal Warner which was autographed by Malcolm during the event. This valuable art piece will now go on auction to help the homeless.  Clarence Pencilman Pointer’s artwork is collected by Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson plus Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.  

TWICEDOT’s Pre-launch Party featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner: An Intimate Night of Spoken Word and Dinner …. was a huge success! This is a great sign for the future.

All images by photographer Ramon Ward
except cover image by photographer DDB

Seen here:
The very dapper Malcolm-Jamal Warner majestically entrancing his audience at exclusive Beverly Hills Country Club. He owned the stage plus the crowd’s heart lock and key.

Seen here: A quiet pause from the ladies heart conductor, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Then he spoke poetic words giving permission for hearts to beat again. Giving, fulfilling, everything the audience wished for in a masterful, intimate performance.


Image 1: The evening’s host comedian Stevie Mack interviews Malcolm on the red carpet. Image 2: Comedian Stevie Mack and Emmy Nominated Actor-Director Malcolm-Jamal Warner Image 3: Malcolm having fun on red carpet Image 4: Stevie Mack, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, THE ORACLE Denise Lyles-Cook and Publisher of TWICEDOT Deon Edwards

Malcolm’s message and reason for performing at Beverly Hills Country Club “Follow your heart. Help others. Let’s come together and be of service… help the homeless and others in less fortunate situations.”

Seen here: So natural. So cool and so much fun. The event was SOLD OUT!

The world’s first luxury tequila created by women for women™
…and the men who love them

Sugar Shane Mosley: Inspiring Kids Into Greatness Every Day

On Father's Day, June 16th, 2013 American  professional boxing champion Sugar Shane Mosley hosted amateur boxing matches at his beautiful estate in the hillside area of Pomona, California. Cars lined up streets for half a mile away in all directions. The Mosley Family was so kind and thoughtful to even have face painting, a trailer full of video games and jumpers for children. This was truly an upscale, well thought out family affair celebrating the bond of father and child plus giving a physical outlet to young energetic leaders of tomorrow.

Boxing matches were sponsored by local and international businesses such as Budweiser. The announcer was excellent and took it a step further by interacting with every person in the audience. Etiquette, safety and respect were words spoken on routine basis as he politely guided anyone drinking alcohol related beverages to do so responsibly in a sectioned area far away from children.

“We don’t want any children to get bad habits so early in their life, he would say. “Boxing is about discipline. We have to lead by example. Remember people, these kids are watching and want to be just like you. So these are the house rules.”

The festivities raised awareness for child safety and provided tangible resources for single fathers to bond with their children as part of safety education and urban community development. Youth were learning how to release anxiety and testosterone safely in a disciplined manner while realizing they can achieve anything in life using the same principles. Parents were supporting their children while also using boxing as a communication vehicle about honor and mutual respect. Diamond’s Love Foundation, a charitable organization founded by The Mosley Family in 2010, accomplished its mission as part of this event.

Out of 57 professional fights Sugar Shane Mosley has won 47 with 39 of them by knockout. Shane takes enormous pride in being from Pomona, California.

People attending the event included Leon Spinks III, yes grandson of legendary fighter Leon Spinks, WBC Featherweight Champ Abner Mares, Xavier “The Mongoose” Montelongo Jr, plus IFBA and IBA Champ Trina “Iron Butterfly” Ortegon, actor Jaden Martin from the Will Smith movie After Earth, and more.

What most boxing sport enthusiasts don’t realize is Sugar Shane Mosley's official record from "when he was amateur boxing" is 230 and 12. This added to his professional boxing record of 47 wins and 8 losses gives him an official grand total of 277 hard earned victories in boxing.

Mosley came out of retirement in May 2013 to win in a unanimous decision against the much younger Pablo Caesar Cano in a fight in Mexico. Cano was almost half  of Mosley's age. Cano held his own in the first few rounds. However Mosley took over as boxing and jabbing executioner in the later rounds.  

Now the word on the street is Sugar Shane Mosley may box with Victor Ortiz from famous Golden Boy Promotions camp founded by TV star and Los Angeles native Oscar Dela Hoya, a person Mosley notoriously defeated in the year 2000. Should this fight actually happen and Mosley come out in victory it will be like a horror movie or nightmare that never ended about the big bully that stole your lunch money and title for Oscar Dela Hoya.

Sugar Shane Mosley in the boxing ring surrounded by kids his charity helps every day. Also seen is Jaden Martin from movie After Earth.


Image 1 Amateur boxers fight it out in the ring. Image 2 Publisher Deon Edwards with Sugar Shane Mosley standing in front of Mosley Manor. Image 3 Leon Spinks III posing for cameras in the ring. Image 4 Sugar Shane Mosley with child actor King Zion.

Image Above: Sugar Shane Mosley having fun taking pictures with guests. Every person was given VIP treatment. The special event  increased outreach for Diamond's Love Foundation, a charitable organization focus on child safety and urban development.

Life  After Death: Homeless Perspective

What would your family do  if you passed away?  What leadership position do you hold in your family both monetary and emotionally?  How often do you worry about your children or spouse thinking on their feet, literally, without your guidance? How would your family structure be broken and how would your family re-strengthen after the loss?  Where is the money going to come from? Shall we go on?

The only thing separating you and a homeless person is the number of shoulders you have to stand on or a paycheck.  Losing one important shoulder can result in the collapse of the whole structure. Losing one critical paycheck can  result in equal disaster.  (Continues beneath video below.)


Life After Death: Homeless Perspective (Continued)
In this cold society we live in, where big pharma dictates policy through government defining words and giving warnings after irresponsibly offering harmful products that cause tragic effects one must often wonder…

 “Is this really safe to eat? Is my arm going to fall off if I take this medicine? If I chew gum while rubbing my stomach and taking cold medicine or something for a headache, will chronic fatigue give me diarrhea, cancer, liver bursting into flames and severe itching?”

“If so, how will I work? Will my insurance cover me while I go to my institutionalized doctor to receive more wacko medications to turn the unfixable into a death sentence? Will my job find an excuse to fire me? Will my lawyer give a care? When they finally cart me off the consumer battle field in the name of big business victory how… 



As Mr. Arsenio Hall would say, “These are things that make you say Hmmmmmm.”

Imagine if you died, got critically sick or injured with all access to funds revoked and your family was living on the street. What would your attitude about homelessness be? Where would you turn for help?


According to

  • 20% to 43% of homeless are in families, typically headed by a single mother.
  • 33% to 50% are female.  Men make up about 75% of the single population.
  • 48% graduated from high school; 32% had a bachelor degree or higher (as compared to 45% and 25% for the population overall respectively).
  • 16% to 20% of adults are employed.
  • 41% of adults were employed within last year.

According to

  • Children who are homeless on any given night ranges from 61,500 to 500,000
  • Many people leave their homes voluntarily or forcefully. For example, battered women, runaway teens
  • Single women with children represents one of the most rapidly growing group of the homeless population

According to

  • Homelessness and poverty are inextricably linked.
  • Poor people are frequently unable to pay for housing, food, childcare, health care, and education.
  • Difficult choices must be made when limited resources cover only some of these necessities. Often it is housing, which absorbs a high proportion of income that must be dropped.
  • If you are poor, you are essentially an illness, an accident, or a paycheck away from living on the streets.

Now what will you do with these cents in your pocket of knowledge?


Stevie Mack: America's Funny Man of Many Trades

Stevie Mack is his name and acting, singing, hosting, producing, writing, and stand up is his game. The list goes on. This man of many trades has been able to hone his skills in all of the above. Unbelievable? Yes. Impossible? No.    

Stevie Mack did not come from the traditional family and faced many difficulties along the way. Instead of basking in his situation he tried to escape using his acting, standup and improvisational talent through the Young Saints Performing Arts Academy.  Stevie’s hometown, Los Angeles California, also became the birth place of his greatness. He went to LACC and USC for TV/Film production. He also began teaching TV/Film production shortly after.

The years 2008 and 2009 became huge staples for him.  He was crowned the King of Comedy Walk in 2008 and has since expanded to several college campuses and major clubs across the nation.  In 2009 he honed his talent of improvisation by joining Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupes.   Adding another tally under his belt he expanded to even bigger and better projects.


Stevie Mack created, wrote, produced and hosted his own Radio and Television shows.  Steve Mack Radio and Stevie Mack TV were just the beginning of his record breaking success.

Then there’s that famous one man show America’s been talking about, “Stevie Mack Diary of a Crackhead”. The name of the show alone causes Supreme Court justices, fire marshals, mayors, preachers, movie stars, singers, teachers, parents, athletes, police officers, pimps, politicians and street vendors alike to cringe under the same 1980’s cover of denial. Diary of a Crackhead raises a question a few American political leaders, from all ethnicities, are living testament to, “How can one rise from the ashes of a family riddled with crime, pimps, pushers, drug/alcohol addiction, gangster ethics, prison life and mental institutions?” Diary of a Crackhead is the hilarious, always sold out, show about overcoming adversity against all odds through laughter. The show was awarded LA Weekly’s Pic of The Week and is now in development for a TV show.

“Stevie Mack performs like no one is watching”. His, “quick wit/nerd Style” and multiple talents have made him an unstoppable force in entertainment.


Samuel Jackson Pranks America

During a recent interview your favorite good guy doing bad things character actor Samuel L. Jackson announced he’s quitting acting for good and stepping into the world of vigilantism in pursuit of his life dream.

In his bold internet interview for Reddit Mr. Jackson declares...

"Hi, I'm Samuel L. Jackson. I'm sorry to disappoint you, Reddit, but I've decided to break the rules of my own competition, and I will not be reading a user-submitted entry as my monologue. Instead, I'd like to speak to you all from my own heart, in my own words, honestly and openly. I've been waiting to reveal something for a long, long, time and ... well, here it is: I am quitting acting and pursuing a life of vigilantism. Now, I know what you're thinking: 'Sam Jack, you are one bad moth...... when it comes to the fine art of thespianism.' And you know what? You're right. But it's time for me to step out of the limelight ... and step into the shadows.”

Jackson was lending his good name and powerful acting to a campaign to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer Association. It was all a made up gimmick. Mr Jackson was indeed reading a monologue and pranking the entire internet for a worthy cause. What a cool man! Thank you, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson.

Hollywood Western’s Actor Harry Carey Jr. Passes at 91

Movie titles, “Gremlins" and "Back to the Future Part III." Westerns such as “3Godfathers” and “Wagon Master” plus John Ford film classics, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon," ''The Searchers" and "The Long Gray Line. All are wonderful movies Harry Carey Jr. one of Hollywood’s marvelous character actors starred in over a 50 year career.

Sadly, it is reported Harry Carey Jr. died of natural causes surrounded by family at a hospice facility in Santa Barbara, California. He will greatly be missed.

Harry Carey Jr. was born May 16, 1921 and the son of silent-film Western star Harry Carey Sr. and actress Olive Carey on the family ranch.  He served in the United States Navy and also worked to create films for the Navy.

He is survived by his wife, a son, two daughters, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. We offer our condolences to the family.

Baby Rescued From Sewer Pipe

According to Associated Press, a young mother in China is reported to of had a one night stand with a man, hid her pregnancy in fear and shame, then have the baby while squatting on a fourth story toilet only to supposedly have the newborn slip from her hands into a narrow 4-inch in diameter sewer pipe.

When persistent cries from the sewer pipe were heard the young lady notified a neighbor which called police.

Sometime later firefighters were successful in cutting the newborn free using handsaws and pliers.

The newborn boy suffered jaundice and is now in the care of his grandparents. One would wonder is this is far enough away from the mother.

Ex-Louiville Univ. Football Player Sues School

Patrick Grant, a former University of Louisville football player, alleges two teammates attacked him Oct. 24, 2010, in the locker room and, according to the lawsuit, beat him ''so badly that he required immediate, urgent care and nearly lost his left eye.''

Grant further says that he was told by the team’s trainer, while on the way to the hospital, to ''lie and cover up the fact that his injuries were at the hands of his teammates.''

Grant says his scholarship was canceled in a phone call with Strong. Grant’s lawsuit alleges Louisville University violated NCAA bylaws by canceling the scholarship without a hearing. The suit requests that a judge order the school to reinstate the scholarship plus seeks compensatory damages and a jury trial.


Click Here To Support Feeding Homeless
Click Here To Support Feeding Homeless

Toddler Dies After Receiving Bio-engineered Windpipe

Hannah Warren was born without a trachea and received her bioengineered organ in April 2013. The young child was the very first publicly documented American citizen to undergo this experimental treatment. The bio-device consisted of cells taken from her bone marrow added to plastic fibers.

The operation involved surgery on Hannah Warren’s esophagus which never correctly healed. The doctors say the esophagus refusing to heal and complications from a second surgery were the major factors in Hannah’s death and not the bio-device.

Investigators Unravel Key Facts About Boeing 777 Crash

Asiana Airlines released information to news media stating pilot, Lee Kang-kuk, was still training on Boeing 777 and had never landed one at the airport where the crash occurred.

According to Asiana Airlines, it only takes 60 hours and 10 flights to be considered fully qualified to completely govern the aircraft. Lee Kang-kuk was considered as going through “transition training” until all 60 hours of experience were finished.

Although Lee Kang-kuk had very few hours of experience on the Boeing 777, he 9,700 hours of on other related jetliners such as Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 and 747. The co-pilot of the plane that crashed is reported having more than 3,000 hours on the 777.

More research into the crash to be revealed after further investigation.


Congress Destroys Overtime

One  thing every employer agrees with is the concept of getting more productivity for less overhead expenses without losing quality. Fair assessment would you agree? One might be led to even agree with a general idea that labor wants to be paid for their time. Third, most people would prefer to make their own decisions about their money they earned from working and not be forced to give it to government or anyone else in hope of any promise or idea that some other entity will return their money when and how they need it. The latter statement is so crystal clear and universal it’s almost laughable to bring it up. We all agree. So what’s the point, right?

All previous statements are about as common sense and bipartisan as you can get in America. So again, what’s the point? Go ask puppet, oops I mean congressman, Eric Cantor about H.R. 1119. After all he’s responsible for the bill.

H.R. 1119 creates capability for employers to not pay you the money you earned from working. This is not a word game to redefine the definition of “payment earned” to equate to anything other than hard cash. H.R. 1119 as it reads today makes it so employees who work overtime hours in a week may not receive any actual pay or time off for that work until over a year later and IF the employer feels like it.


Now the way the way mainstream corporate media pitches the complaint on the issue has a psychological twist to get citizens to harmonize on a position of asking for permission and negotiating as if any of this was negotiable in the first place. Main media pitches the idea to you through complaining about the problem as if they are on your side and says… “without receiving interest or security.”

No one gave them permission to keep your money and do anything with it at all… Oh. I’m sorry. Yes someone did. The House of Representatives and Eric Cantor did this to every republican and democrat alike. Follow the money.

It is good to note most people do overtime to financially prepare for things such as Christmas, birthdays, Valentines, anniversary, school shopping for children, medical bills, catching up and just plain ole survival. This may very well be another case example of how it should be mandatory clear law members of Congress get paid by the hour with no overtime, abide by the same laws and rules plus receive same medical care and insurance coverage as ordinary citizens. Wait a minute. Wasn’t that the way it used to be? Who changed it? Oh I see. Follow the money.

India Gang Rape Victim Dies – People Demand Protection

A 23 year old Indian woman who was gang raped and severely beaten on a bus while it passed through several police check points has died in a Singapore hospital. It is reported she suffered severe organ damage from six men taking turns raping her and inserting an iron rod into her body. The men beat the victim and her male friend on the evening of December 16, 2012, stripped them down and after a horrendous chain of events, literally threw them off the bus according to police.

It’s been all over the television, internet and public radio stations. The gang raping of the 23 year old Indian woman has sparked civil unrest and a nationwide protest regarding total lack of safety for women. Protesters are clashing with police who somehow find themselves on the wrong side of history and human decency. Indians are now demanding greater protection from sexual violence. The unspeakable sexual crimes often go unreported and affect thousands of women in New Delhi and surrounding areas on a daily basis.

The victim passed away with her family and Indian embassy officials by her side at Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore.


Valentine’s week 2013, over 1000 dental hygiene kits for the homeless were gathered by teachers, sheriffs, parents, students, bank representatives & local dentists. The new program created by TWICEDOT made donating as simple as placing a phone call, email or facebook message when you wanted someone to pick up items for delivery. Keeping your teeth healthy & clean helps to avoid plaque from being built up in your arteries. 



Seen here are TWICEDOT publisher Deon Edwards along with Fred Jordan Missions volunteers filling various bags with dental hygiene kits & stuffed animals for the homeless women & children for Valentine’s Day. Various schools, dental offices, churches, banks, other businesses & individual people from Fontana, Burbank, Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Huntington Beach, Long Beach & Brea donated items ranging from diapers & dental products to stuffed animals & clothing for the less fortunate.



A private preschool in Palos Verdes, California donates Stuffed Animals & Dental Kits for Homeless Women & Children during Valentine’s week. A school in Fontana gathers items and drops them off at a dentist office in Chino Hills. Elementary schools in Los Angeles, Diamond Bar & Covina all had teachers & principals that helped a homeless mother & child somehow maintain hope in humanity.

Thank you Gina Garcia for doing your best to contact every fellow teacher you know in Fontana. Thank you Ms. Grill, and Mr. Riffle for using this as a teaching opportunity to show kids how to be of service & care for the community. Thank you Monique Marks and everyone at your school for spreading the good word & contacting local dentists. Thank you Lisa Thompson and everyone at LAUSD Homeless Program for being of such great assistance in partnering with TWICEDOT to help homeless mothers & children which otherwise might not have had shampoo, shoes, diapers, coloring books, and other basic items society takes for granted.


Christmas morning in Downtown Los Angeles a tiny toddler smiles when she receives a giant stuffed animal. Words can’t describe how contagious her smile was. Everyone crowding around the car filled with clothing & toys was happy for a few simple moments because she was happy. It was as if the crowd was cheering for the unlikely winner against the big bully called life. That was until the next child looked at you as if they were saying, "Where are you gonna go when all this is over?"

This was the harsh moment of realization that helpless children are literally in cold downtown streets homeless or in very poor conditions waiting for help. This exact Christmas morning in 2012 became the day the program gathering Stuffed Animals & Dental Kits for Homeless Women & Children was created.

Our goal at TWICEDOT is to show people how to improve their lives using productive media, living examples & being of action. Everyone from the wealthiest to the extreme poor can use equal access to resources & information plus some simple love. We give you more than news. We give you comprehensive community service.

A big THANK YOU goes to every person that participated. 



Judge And Defendant Agree To Peace


A Florida judge and the young lady he gives an additional $5000.00 fine plus 30 days in jail for contempt of court for insulting him, using profanity in court & flipping him off have made decent peace with each other as the entire world now pays close attention to the case. The video of the courtroom drama went viral.

The defendant, along with her attorney apologized. The judged accepted the apology and removed the additional $5000.00 bond he stacked on top of the first $5000.00. He also dropped the 30 days sentence in jail for contempt he gave her from when she landed in his court the first time.

At the end of her original sentencing, the judge set her original bond at $5000.00 and told her goodbye. Her reply of, “Adios,” Spanish for goodbye, for some reason sparked what is arguably an emotional response from the judge who then increased the bond by an additional $5000.00.

The defendant asked the judge if he was serious. The judge according to most media records stated,” I am serious. Adios.” This shocked millions of people around the world.  People expect a judge to refrain from emotional or personal feelings toward the defendant when giving sentencing. Some would consider it abusive & somewhat childish. We would expect that sort of thing from the defendant not the judge.

After experiencing the judge adding an additional $5000.00 to her bond based on his ability to simply do so after the sentencing was already complete, the defendant yelled an explicit choice word and flipped him the bird or middle finger.

The childish bickering and bullying between the two subjects continued when the judge responded by giving the defendant 30 days in jail for contempt of court.

Within days after the video went viral and the world village witnessed the entire proceeding, including parents, grandparents, other judges, media and young future policy makers, the judge and defendant were in court to face each other again. The defendant tearfully apologized for disrespecting the judge. The defendant’s attorney blamed it on the Xanax drug she was caught with.

The judge made nice & removed all additional or after the fact sentencing he added including the extra $5000.00 that was thrown on BEFORE the defendant yelled her explicit word and gave him the finger.

It is safe to say technology and social media stepped in to improve integrity and accountability on both sides of the relationship. A young lady learned drugs lead to trouble, judges can be temperamental human beings and it’s better not to put one’s self in the position to have to deal with such matters. A judge learned their peers along with the very people they are sworn to serve which also trust them with authority to uphold justice over their children do not appreciate emotional rants and will turn on you for abuse of authority.

Let’s hope this helps the situations that didn’t have social media to cause balance in the equation and keeps these things from happening in the future.

Will The Real Jackie Chan
Please Stand Up

Let’s line up all the pieces to the story in a row. After it initially being reported Jackie Chan wanted to officially move to the United States because supposed Chinese gangsters won’t leave him alone, international media now reports Jackie Chan is bashing America as the supposed most corrupt country on the planet Earth. An interview on Chinese TV documents Mr. Chan calling The United States of America the most corrupt country in the world. Wow, what a change of heart! Who was that? Where did the love go? Where is the person that made all that money in American theatres? …and who is this dude?

Ok all hate mail aside, does anyone see  a remote possibility of Chinese government or gangster influence politely suggesting to Mr. Chan he change his language to be more pro Chinese? It’s not like it hasn’t happened before with other people or businesses in China. Anything is possible.

Click Here To Support Breast Cancer Research

Click Here To Support Breast Cancer Research

Rihanna Donates $1.75 Million to Hospital in Barbados

With heart broken and determination to help others, Rihanna donated $1.75 million to a hospital in her native Barbados in dear memory of her late grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite. The radiotherapy department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown has now been named the Clara Braithwaite Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.

NRA Wants More Guns

Despite the recent national tragedy where innocent children & educators were gunned down on a school campus in Newtown, Connecticut by someone using an assault rifle, the NRA not only holds its position on the second amendment, but insists Congress should spend money with NRA member gun manufacturing companies to purchase guns for armed school security guards or police.  That idea does not harmonize with most people. Do you really want a nation full of George Zimmerman’s posted at every school along with a free will to choose if they should listen to the police? What if they also turn nutcase?

Not to pick on the police but, officer related shootings or other officer related violence is almost always portrayed as the fault of someone other than the police officer. Especially when the person is not wealthy, politically connected or happens to be of color or other minority group. Do we want to increase these possibilities in our schools? What’s next our churches & grocery stores? It can be argued the NRA would like that scenario.

Speaking on behalf of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre refused to support new gun control legislation and says, “If I’m a mom or a dad and I’m dropping my child off at school I’d feel a whole lot safer if there were trained armed security guards or police protecting the school from people such as Lanza.”

Instead of drilling down on the obvious missed moment for the NRA to outthink their opponents and look like the accountable & responsible fellow citizen protecting organization they want America to believe they are, we will give them a free idea. Redirect some of your of lobbying dollars from their current use over to actually winning the hearts & minds of Americans by financially supporting a federal system gun consumers abide by of mental healthcare checks, diversity training, anger management & weapons training before your gun related items can be purchased.

If the NRA leadership would get their heads out of their behinds they would recognize the NRA is currently perceived as speaking on behalf of the gun manufacturing industry instead of the common citizen. That is a huge branding problem. You claim so much that government should stay out of your financial cookie jar, oops I mean citizen’s rights and what citizens should do for themselves. So do it yourself & stop whining, scapegoating & pointing fingers at every group except your own, the organization of no constructive solutions that have real accountability.  This is your chance to show the entire world how citizens can use cooperation with each other to responsibly bear arms without government interference.

People like the idea of being free to protect their family & hunt. But you will lose citizen support if you don’t wake up & make an internal change. Losing that support will affect your bottom line. So change.

We speak in the direction we choose to go & our lives follow. How many of us are consistent with how we use the power of language? I love you. Thank you. How may I help? Giving honor to GOD… Let’s find a cure. We will have more than enough.

Tagg Romney Claims His Father Never Wanted to Be President

“It’s mine!” shouted the disgruntled child wanting what the other had. “You don’t deserve it. I’m better qualified and know what to do with it. And you don’t!” yelling at the person who just stood there looking at them puzzled.

The other person humbly suggests, “Well, please tell all of us here what you would do with it and if everyone around agrees with you then maybe you should have it.”

The child rants & raves, “Why I would build the largest ME store on the planet with it for everyone just like ME. Because I know what’s best!”

The other person says, “Well ok. What’s best?”

The child says, “You tell ME because I already have a track record & I already know. So I deserve what you have. So you explain to me about your Entitlements.”

The other person thinks for a while & humbly explains, “We all got to this point by not caring about each other & acting angry toward the other because of perceived differences. So I think we should change that.”

The child screams, “No. You’re wrong. We’re not going to change it because that’s not fair & you don’t know what you’re doing!”

The crowd around the two of them got larger & larger. Soon the audience reached over 40 million people. They got together & voted on who should have the item the child was screaming about. Although the child’s friends tried to keep everyone except themselves from voting, every vote was cast. The crowd voted for the person that wanted to change things.

The child got angry & said, “Well I didn’t want it anyway! Besides you only won because you wanted to change things & give people things they don’t deserve. They don’t deserve what ME & my friends have. They want entitlements they pay into… and then want to get back their investment back the way ME & my friends do & that’s wrong.”

Sorry folks for the comical story but I’m sure you get the picture. Huffington Post points to Boston Globe (try following that one) as quoting Tagg Romney (Mitt Romney’s eldest son) as saying his father "wanted to be president less than anyone I've met in my life."

“He had no desire,” the eldest Romney son said according Huffington Post & Boston Globe. “If he could have found someone else to take his place ... he would have been ecstatic to step aside. He is a very private person who loves his family deeply and wants to be with them, but he has deep faith in God and he loves his country, but he doesn’t love the attention."

Have fun with that one.